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Monday, February 22, 2016

Birthday Wish List 2016

It's my Birthday tomorrow and this year I'm being a bit lazy about the whole thing... The party, the list, the theme... and so on and so on... So I was not gonna do any list or any party but my son was quite 'offended', when he asked me about the party and I said I was not really in the mood...  I guess I'm not gonna be able to skip it that easily.

Also, when I started this kind of list it was pretty much as a joke to my husband. These days, every time my birthday is approaching all my friends ask me where is the wish list!! LOL!!

I guess it makes their life easier. So here it is, for those of you who really want to give me some of these futile beauties! Otherwise your LOVE IS QUITE ENOUGH!... and I guess my son won't let me skip this birthday thing this year!

1. Sunny Life Inflatable Flaming
(I Already have this one!! youuupiieee)

(I love all of them! Even the chepest one!)

Até Amanhã

Ana Antunes
(Thank you for sharing my passion for beautiful homes)


  1. Parabéns atrasados!!!Oh, como é que me passou..Bom, espero que tenha sido um dia especial e feliz! Beijinhos, Isabel Bartolomeu

  2. Bom..é certo que lhe enviei um presente adiantado, mas infelizmente ainda não sei se a Ana gostou ou não. Como o meu aniversário é daqui a 10 dias, ficaria felicíssima se a Ana me desse um feedback, sobre o presente que lhe enviei, uma agenda personalizada, por mim.
    Admiro-a imenso e desejo tudo de bom!!!!
    Isabel Bartolomeu

  3. i love reading this article so beautiful!!great job!
    Birthday Quotes for friends


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