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I’ve been an Executive TV Producer for 17 Years, with quite a few music and fashion show and awards specials, in my experience. Ten Years ago i started Briskman Entertainment, a Lisbon-based production company totally focused on branded entertainment, and with my husband as partner. We’ve been the Authors and Producers of the the only Home Makeover Show, produced in Portugal. It was only 2 years ago, that I jumped to the other side of the tv camera and started my appearance as a decorator on the show. 

The rest of the story you might know already. It was in me for the longuest time. I guess, since I was a little girl playing in my mother’s art Gallery and my uncle’s Fashion Design Studio. I used to go under the seamstress tables to grab the small pieces of fabrics to make dresses for Barbie. I was fascinated by the different patterns, colours and texture. 

I went from Tv producer to Decorator in the twinkling of an eye and now I also own a decorating business and I’m loving it everyday, as much as I love to make people happy in the Show.

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