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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blue sailor living room

When people ask me which one was my favourite project (that I've done), 2 or 3 images come to my mind right away. I gotta say that this one is in my top 05 favourites for sure, because;

1. It was the living room for a young couple who loved the sea. He was a sports sailor.
2. It reminded me of the summer and it was suppose to feel like there was a summer breeze.
3. I had to create something taillored, crisp and clean. (for someone who lives in a sail-boat, he is used to have everything in specific places, very clean and organized)
4. I had to work with a white & blue pallete, which I love!
5. My trip to The French Riviera and Cote d'Azur were my inspiration. (I was there 9 years ago and loved it).

That's what makes this project one of my top 5 favourites. 

 On the wall pictures of the sports sailor competitions.

The stools were designed to look like sailing flags.

The concept board for the project.

Now...what makes a project a favourite one? It's simple... just use a lot of meaningfull things that you love and Surrownd yourself with things that make you smile and feel good.

Ana Antunes

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