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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Inspiration * Inspiração de Domingo

 #balcony #pillows #favorite drink #good book #summer breeze


#varanda #almofadas #bebida favorita #bom livro #briza de verão

Até Amanhã
Ana Antunes

(Thank you for sharing my passion for beautiful homes)


  1. Bom fim de semana Ana...Beijinhos

  2. Hello my dear Ana

    Happy mothersday!
    I have to admid my life spun in a whirlwind. With Matteo I had all the time and the first baby is so special, now the second baby, as I am more use to it is more normal, but I love him even more.
    Yes I am very blessed to have these two big giants in my life haha, how is your big boy? and I am also blessed to have you as my friend.
    Love you 2 many xxx


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