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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vintage Bathing at Raleigh - Miami

I think I have about 20 posts I can do about this amazing trip!!... But posting from here is a pain.  Internet is slow and is taking too long by the time I finish uploading pictures I have the hubby with 'please let's go face'. I found these pictures that were taken here and wanted to share them with you! These are sooo nice! I'm going to Florida Keys today but I'll try to get back to blog later on.


 Acho que tenho uns 20 posts para fazer sobre esta viagem mas por agora e uma vez que a internet no hotel é tão lentaaaaaaa que quando acabar de fazer o upload de fotos já tenho o P. com aquela cara 33 do 'porrrrfavooor anda láaaaa'. Portanto enquanto vou até até às Florida Keys, deixo-vos com as fotos de uma fabulosa producão de bikinis vintage, feita neste hotel. 

Até Logo!
Ana Antunes

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  1. These pictures and girls are stunning!

    ciao from Newport Beach


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