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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One night at the Portuguese Golden Globe Awards - Uma noite nos Globos de Ouro!

Globos de Ouro are the Portuguese Golden Globes. It's the most important awards event in Portugal  and probably the only one that reunites all the most important celebrities in the country. From Tv to music, from theatre to sports. They are all there!


(Em portugal não precisamos de explicações. Toda a gente conhece os Globos de Ouro!)

The Red Carpet

At the Red Carpet with Carlo Gomes - our Production Manager on the show

it's me in the lilac dress in the back

This is the worst part to me, Red Carpet pose for Caras (jet set magazine)

Some of the most elegant dresses
Daniela Ruah
our most international actress from 'NCIS Los Angeles'
Red is not exactly what I think of a god option for a red carpet event but Daniela
but she is an elegant girl and there is something very nice about that V neck.

Milena Cardoso
 one of our most international Models
(Black is a little too safe to me but I like the sequin top and the vintage clutch)
Fionaone of our most stunning models
(I loved the night blue sequins dress that made her look like a statue. Very elegant!)

Vanessa Oliveira
one of our gorgeous tv hosts
(Red again - it was the color of the night I guess but Vanessa
has an amazing body for this one and again the V neck is quite flattering)
Claudia Vieira 
(the dress was much better looking in person I assure you.
It's elegant but I think that she could have picked another color for the clutch.)

Let The Show begin!

Barbara Guimarães - our most famous tv presenter
The opening act was probably the best from last 10 years

This year was faster and not too long and painful as usual

We actually felt the whole event a bit more glamorous than usual.

Ana Rita Soares and Nuno Mariz - she is one of the decorators on my tv show
The After Party is definitely the best of the night!
(Okay I confess I'm a party girl)

me and Helena Pedro Nunes - a very known celebrity artist

me and Maria Duarte - from Portuguese Jet set

The party was a lot of fun... until 5 in the morning!!
I could post a lot about the worst evening dresses
but I know most of these ladies in Person
so I better not! This blog is not meant to hurt people's feelings.

Poderia falar dos piores vestidos da noite,
mas conheço a maior parte destas senhoras em pessoa,
e não quero ser polémica num blog que não pretende ferir susceptibilidades!
Até Amanhã

Ana Antunes
Pictures from www.caras.pt


  1. Great fashion and you look great!


  2. Linda, linda! Vestido fabuloso a primar pela diferença na cor. Great look, Ana!

    Não gosto de vermelho, mas a Daniela Ruah foi das mais deslumbrantes: simples e elegante. Fabulosa!


  3. You looked gorgeous, well dressed and styled and above all you look like you had a lot of fun!
    xoxo Chantal

  4. I would love it if you used my IKEA idea. Would you be able to mention my blog in your blog? I'm so happy you like it! Ciao...

  5. That lilac is absolutely stunning on you, my dear! I am in awe of the whole glamorous event...I'm pretty sure I would give a kidney to attend an event like that! Well, maybe not a kidney, but it looks just so amazing! I'm pretty sure I would spend half the night following around my fave celebs like a goof (c: Those red dresses are *amaaaaazing*!

  6. You look great. Congratulations for being a nice person... It is easy to criticize! We all have our 'unfashionable' moments! :)

    Take care.

  7. Ana you look gorgeous! And these pictures transmit all the vibrant exitement of the award's show! Great you had your party-girl night out until 5 am!!! A girl need to walk the red carpet, chit chat with the jet set and win a memorable hangover from time to time! Haha :) Huge huge hug! XoXo

  8. You looked stunning!! Loving that gorgeous purple gown! How fun I'm sure it was to have been there! Take me with you next time?! ;)


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