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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Shopping - Homes in Heaven and Palace inspirations

Inspired by the Royall Wedding official Pictures, here are some palace pictures, palace inspirations, palace wallpaper and a store you can visit for some palace inspired Furniture. I'm in a Palace mood!

Inspirada pelas fotos de família oficiais do Casamento dos Principes William & Kate, fiquei a pensar em palácios, inspirações palacianas, papel de parede para palácios e a minha loja favorita em Lisboa com móveis clássicos dignos de palácios.

The Official Family Pictures

Kensington Palace where Diana lived and where the couple will have London residence

The Orangerie at Kensington Palace

One of the rooms from the Kensington Palace State appartments


From Anna French Wallpaper Collection

The Royall Collection by Designer's Guild

My favourite classic Furniture Store in Lisbon


I love the fact that you can have anything in this store in one of these finishings. 
Just Pick your favourite and they will do it.

Adoro o facto de podermos escolher qualquer um destes acabamentos, para qualquer 
uma das peças que pretendemos. Basta escolher o favorito, e a Homes in Heaven faz!
Mais uma loja Nacional, com produtos feito em Portugal.
Bom Fim-de-semana!
Ana Antunes

credits; homes in heaven website, Designer's Guild website, Anna French Website, People


  1. The wedding was so dreamy--as are these pretty palace pictures! Ahh, I love royalty.

  2. I was just looking at the anna french paper last week. They have the book at a great local paint store and of course the royal collection from DG is perfect! I thought of that when I started reading the post and then there it was! lovely

  3. Cat! The funniest thing is. When I saw these Anna French wallpapers I thoght of you bedroom! I knew you would like them! Great minds think alike!!

  4. It seems as though everyone is getting inspired by the royal wedding, and really, how could you *NOT* get inspired by all that beauty??? (c: LOVE all the palace inspired interiors...now *those* are some places I would actually like to live! After looking at some real castle interiors, I have decided that really isn't my style anyways...(c: These are a great way to brighten up a monday!


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