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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magnificent Houses - Casas Magnificas - Classical Grey

To me this is in fact a Magnificent House because I love every detail. The classical touch yet in contemporary shades.  The abundance of white in contrast with dark details. The confortable all white bedroom with a gorgeous and irresistible chandelier... The house is in sweeden and it's for sale. I would move in TODAY!


Para mim esta é sem dúvida uma casa magnífica porque adoro cada detalhe! O estilo clássico mas em tons contemporâneos. A abundância do branco em contraste com pormenores pretos. O confortável quarto todo branco com um irresistível lustre que o torna imponente! Esta casa fica na Suécia, está à venda e eu mudava-me hoje mesmo!

What do you think? 
I bet even the 'more modern' ones could live with this kind of 'classical'!


O que é que acham? 
Aposto que até os mais contemporâneos conseguiam viver com esta dose de 'clássico'!

Até Amanhã
Ana Antunes

(Thank you for sharing my passion for beautiful homes)


  1. Eu mudava-me já também! A casa é realmente muito linda.

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  2. I just found your blog via pinterest! You have such a lovely blog I'm your newest follower. You have amazing taste and style glad to have found you.

  3. wow just gorgeous! I swear you are my new design crush site. Love every post!!

  4. Absolutely loved all the details in this flat dahhling! simply gorgeous!!!!

  5. OK, looking at the all-white bedroom I realized what my problem is with so much white... it reminds me of the mornings in Great Falls when I would wake up and open the window to find everything covered in a foot of snow, and the dread of having to go to school anyway (as you well know, school was never cancelled for snow). My tropical self needs color and lots of it!
    During the years when we lived in apartments and were not allowed to paint the white walls, I collected posters so I could fill the white as much as possible. Now I feel an instinctual rejection for white walls that is not serving me well, because the neutral beiges and khakis in the condo are not serving us well in every room.
    But you've taught me that I need to balance my need for color with my need for order. In my quest for color I tend to create so much visual clutter it becomes overwhelming and my ADD suffers, so thank you!
    Now that I've figured it out I think I will have less fear of white walls and will add my color with key pieces :)
    Always grateful, Ilse

  6. A cozinha é fabulosa,incluindo o quadro com a belíssima fotografia da Françoise Hardy!!!

  7. Muito bonita mesmo!!


  8. Olá Ana!!
    Bem, eu mudava-me já!!
    Usei umas fotos suas do seu ultimo projeto no QMC, no meu blog!!
    Espero que não se importe!! ;))

  9. Estilo clássico mas moderno, intemporal. O meu preferido. Vivi uns tempos na Dinamarca, nunca me cansei deste gosto simples mas excepcional

  10. Adorei! Não fosse esta a minha combinação preferida, branco e preto, clássico romântico com moderno. E se tivesse alguns detalhes de cor aqui e ali só para tornar tudo mais divertido, ainda melhor ;)

  11. This post was simply lovely. I really had a great time with your blog and I find it lovely. Thanks.


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